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About Candice

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Candice Shaw

My career has been a progression from body to mind-body to mind-body-spirit practices. I began with study of the body learning the mechanics and healing of the musculoskeletal system as a Physical Therapist.

After several years as a therapist, I had an injury that I could not fix with conventional medicine or therapy. I tried Pilates classes and was able to recover. I decided to study Pilates further to learn techniques for my patients. The results were profound and forever changed the way I approach movement. Pilates is not just a set of exercises. It is a way of moving the body through the world. Over time the therapy industry was no longer a good fit. I left Physical Therapy to focus on wellness. Through Pilates I continue to learn about mind-body connection and how that influences spirit.

My interest in spirit led me to study Yoga. This practice of uniting body, mind, and spirit felt like the logical next step in my wellness journey. Yoga philosophy has helped incorporate my knowledge of body and mind into a more holistic approach. 

Today my movement teaching practice is based on all my experiences in Physical Therapy, Pilates, and Yoga. I use a blend of techniques to respond to the needs and interests of my clients. It has been a blessing to have these practices in my life and an honor to share them with others.

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