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Change happens through movement, and movement heals.
-Joseph H. Pilates

About the Studio

The philosophy of this Pilates and Yoga studio was inspired by the art of kintsugi. Kintsugi is a traditional Japanese pottery repair technique using precious metals, especially gold, to repair cracks and replace missing pieces. It encourages us to embrace our unique history and use our imperfections to create valuable connections. The challenges presented in movement practice offer opportunities to develop connections in mind, body, and spirit. Pilates and Yoga techniques help you develop awareness, strength, flexibility, endurance, and skill. We can work with these tools to enhance your power, peace, and self love. In this way we use our movement practice to create kintsugi in ourselves. 



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My name is Candice. 

My teaching is a blend of techniques from Physical Therapy, Pilates, and Yoga. This studio is my practice of uniting them to create a holistic movement experience for my clients. I look forward to helping you find connections in body, mind, and spirit.

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Private Training

Personalized one-on-one instruction using a variety of equipment. This is ideal when you want to work with or around an injury. 


Duet Training

Private Pilates Reformer classes for two.

Customized to the pace and intensity desired by the participants.


Private Group

Private mat Pilates/Yoga classes for up to six. 

Customized to the pace and intensity desired by the participants.

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